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Pink Sofa

We all recognize the pineapple as the sign of welcome and hospitality, but do we know why that is? Well, here's the story . . . In the late 17th century, pineapples were not only expensive, but they were very fragile. During the sea voyage from the Caribbean to the US colonies, most of the precious fruit rotted from the heat and humidity. So, anyone invited to a party where a whole pineapple was served would know that they were honored guests, and that no expense was spared. Thus, the pineapple came to symbolize friendship, welcome and hospitality throughout the Colonies.



Since 1997, our company has been providing quality customer service and high end furnishings to clients from across the globe.  Elevate provides fully furnished housing for a variety of industries including corporate, military, insurance, and student housing. Each of our properties includes furniture, housewares, appliances, modern amenities, cable/ Wifi and many other services at your request. We take great pride in our customer service and are willing to accommodate to any of your short stay needs. We know that relocating to a new area can be tough. That is why we are committed to making your life as easy as possible, turning your living area into a home. As always we are looking forward to working with you.

Proudly serving California and Texas

Image by Christopher Jolly


Our fully furnished units are ready for you. After finding room please book  by contacting us directly via phone or email

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